Category: Journal

That’s my guy, Matthew

He’s been there on the bad days and, in the good days. When I come home from a two-day recording session and when I return from another concert, he is there to ring my bell. He is the beloved father of our amazing daughter, Lily. That’s Matthew and, he’s my guy!

It’s grooving, I’m dancing!

I was having a walk in the quarter the other day and, I run into some people who were dancing in the street. It had been a long time since I had a walk and I was amazed to see that still, the youth in the streets are dancing. People embraced me and we had a small singing stance with the boom boxes looping some tunes of mine for an hour or some. I really had a great time!

Testing some new rhymes

I have been working on some new songs lately. Usually, all it takes is my guitar and the drum machine. Then I come to the point where I need to hear the real thing! And, I was thinking how lucky I am having this small studio in my house. It’s always there, waiting for me and, when I have a new tune in my mind, I go in and start up the engines. I have spent literally unlimited hours in this room and, I’m never getting bored. Because this is my place!